October 28, 2013

Looks at these Monsters ...and Smile

With Halloween around the corner I thought I would share these adorable plush monsters I came across made by Monster Factory, a company based out of Toronto.

 And if those aren't scary enough for you.  Check out their limited edition Zombie Monsters.

October 21, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween...

This is a little promo piece I worked on for Disneyland a few weeks ago.  Getting to spend time in the park after all the guests have gone home is always a bit of a thrill, even if it's done with the sacrifice of sleep (we shot this between the hours of 8pm and 6am). 

Buying 25 Pumpkins at the end of September was also a little fun.  You can imagine the looks and comments I got in the checkout line! 
Loading up the carts with pumkins - seems normal in October, but is weird in September

adding a little fog for ambiance
the crew in our safety vests shooting on main street at 3am

October 07, 2013

Fresh Fall

It's been quite a summer.  From spending three weeks on a commercial in Malaysia to losing my studio work space  -- it's been a hectic few months.

So busy (and the fact that I had no place to print) I had to shut down Skårt for a few months. 

But now it's ALL GOOD. 

It's October and it's time for a fresh start -- or a FRESH FALL, as I am calling this post.

I will be spending this week putting things back up in my Etsy shop and setting up the new studio.
(which is actually my old studio

here is a preview of how the studio looks now:

Oh yes, the walls are indeed pink.  Not my choice, but I felt it was more important to get working than worry about the paint color at this point.  Stay tuned.  More to come.

May 20, 2013

Skårt now available at Kids At Home, in Toronto

source: Locally Toronto
If you live in Toronto you can now view and purchase Skårt pieces in person at the wonderful store: Kids at Home, located on Queen Street East in the Beaches area of Toronto.  Go on and check out the store.  They have a lot of great things besides wonderful art.

2068 Queen St. East - Toronto, ON M4E 1E1  t. 416.698.5727 
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00AM-6:00pm,  Sun 11:00AM-5:00PM

April 25, 2013

Has Instagram killed the Blogger?

Let's examine the time line of events.

Feb 2012  -- I get my first i-phone
July 2012 -- I begin my salad a day Instagram campaign
by Septmeber 2012 I am down from posting 3 or 4 times a week to 1 time a week if that...

and now...  Blog? -- what blog?

Why blog when you can press a button on your phone and post a photo -- an "Instabrag" to all your friends, and random strangers who care to follow you and your life. 

So instead of blogging more - I've installed an "Instawidget" on the side of my blog.  Is that cheating?

However, the new panorama option for the i-camera is not super compatible with Instagram.  So I will now share with you a non-square format photo I took last week in Brighton, England.  A most magical building:  The Royal Pavillion, designed by John Nash. 

It reminds me of a cross between the Taj Mahal and the facade to Disney's Small World Ride.

March 31, 2013

Elephant Sale!

I'm making room for some new things in my studio and so I must sell the elephants.  All of them. 
Check it out -- Big and Baby Elephant Prints on Paper only $18 each

March 22, 2013