March 30, 2009

Dream Necklaces

I have gotten carried away.  

I've been designing lots and lots of necklaces.  I think SK Art is going to end up  being more than just art.  I've redesigned the SKART logo to include everything I do.  

There are no rules here, I can make and sell and do whatever I want.  Right?  

Below is a preview of some of the necklaces I have made:


March 16, 2009

Still waiting

My Screen Print machine has not arrived yet.  I'm getting antsy and I have all these ideas for things I want to make.   My focus is leaving art for a bit and moving on to jewelry.  

My friend A.L. decided for her birthday this year she wanted to have a girls night/craft night.  I have been toying with this idea of making what I call "dream necklaces".  Necklaces with a word of significance to you.  You've seen them around, they usually say things like "dream" or "hope" or "success".  I've been looking for one for a friend of mine that says "focus" & "effort" -- words that embody her mantra for 2009.  When I couldn't find the words I wanted, I actually bought supplies to stamp my own words.  My focuses have been elsewhere and I have yet to even open up the tools I bought.  I figured this birthday party would be the perfect place to break out my new toys.  Not just because it's would be a fun craft for the party but because A.L. actually knows how to make jewelery and has boxes and boxes of chains, stones and findings.  YIPEE.  

The party was a success.  P.D. made her word "liberation" (she just got out of a 9 year, oppressive marriage), K.R. made her word "love" -- she's looking for it.  I made my word "Passion".  I like the sound of the word, for me it signifies making the effort to dive full force into what ever I do.  Specifically in my career, I am searching for a passion for what I do (even on the days when it seems ridiculous).  It's also a reminder to engage in more of the activities that I love.  To find my passions and encourage them. I embellished with a white gold turtle my mom bought me after we swam with the sea turtle in Maui (I love Sea Turtles) and a small pearl and a couple of white topaz stones.

After a night of wonderful girlfriends and jewelry making, I have two new passions to add to my list.