January 30, 2013

Decorating Trends You Wish Would Go Away

I came across this list on Shine from Yahoo.  It highlighted 10 decorating trends that should be over.  It was so random that it amused me, so I thought I would re-post and share.  Which ones are you "guilty" of? Which ones do you think are ridiculous?

1. Obvious Signage 
I don't know, I'm kind of a fan of this trend.  I still have intentions to do more of this in my studio space. 

2. Taxidermy
I've never been a fan of this trend.  Some of the fake heads are cute, but for the most part I'm over this one too.

3. Open Layouts
I kind of agree with this one.  Sometimes walls are a good thing.

4. Cliché Design 
I'm not really sure what this means.  Should I take the mini Eiffel Tower I have in my living room down? 

5. Cookie Cutter Kitchens
I was OVER stainless steel before it began.  I've never gotten this trend.   It's cold, it marks easily.  Not into this one. 

6. Chalkboard Overload
Agree with this one - chalkboards seem like a good idea, but then they just get chalked up and look messy.  Other than in a design magazine, I've never seen a real life one that looks good.

7. Food as Decor
Food as Decor is a Prop Stylist's key arsenal.   It adds color and depth and realism.  This will never go out of style.  Unless it's fake food as decor.  That's just weird.

8. Neon
What? Neon over already? I think it's just beginning! Who doesn't want a pop of neon.  In fact now that I think about it, it might be what my bedroom is missing.

9. Intentionally distressed Furniture
I'm definitely ready to see "Shabby Chic" movement go the way of the rotary telephone.  There is a thrift store near me that just takes beautiful old wood furniture and puts a crappy coat of white paint on it and calls it "vintage" ARGGGH.  Makes me so mad!!!

10. TVs on the Mantel
Um? Where are you supposed to put your TV?

What would you add to this list?

January 28, 2013

5 Tips to Making the Perfect Candy Table

Just before the holidays I worked on a project that had me creating an over the top Candy Party.  So fun to do, and so easy to translate into an actual great birthday party for kids that I thought I would share my Tips on how to make the perfect Candy Party set up.

1. Colors: Pick your dominant color (I used pink) then pick your complimentary colors (I used orange and yellow) When you go to purchase candy and accessory items for your party, stick primarily to these three colors (varying the shades of them) This will give a nice cohesiveness to everything. 

2. Layout: Before you purchase your candy you want to figure out the size and layout of your table.  The most important thing is creating levels.  You can do this through varying the size of your containers as well as using boxes to raise things up.  I used these simple sturdy boxes from the container store to create levels.  I found a lot of my candy containers (the cute glass jars with the lids) at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls - Under $10.00 for each one.  Crate and Barrel also has them but they are a little more expensive.

3. Buy your Candy in Bulk:  Once you have figured out they layout of your table make a list of the containers that need to be filled.  Also try to make a budget on what you would like to spend.  I actually brought my containers with me to the store to see how much I would need to fill each one.  In Los Angeles there is a great wholesale candy store called Jack's Wholesale.  I  found some of the best treats at Smart and Final, Target and the Dollar Store.  If you are getting overwhelmed with two many containers of candy some great ideas for cheaper fillers are marshmallows, donuts with multicolor sprinkles and of course cupcakes. 

4. Little extrasPaper lanterns in the trees, DIY lolipops to line the walkway into the party, oversized and bright fake flowers blooming in the bushes. Balloon trees to tie in your color scheme and of course no candy party is complete without the Bunting.  Those cute little flags on strings just make everything a little sweeter - if you have time you can make your own.  I purchased mine from Starlit Nest on Etsy.  She is fast and can customize her flags to match your theme

5. Gift Bags - My final word of advice is to make sure you have plenty of plastic bags on hand so your guests can take home candy with them when the party is done. You don't want any of it hanging around after the party is done.  And yes, hard to believe but you probably will be sick of candy for a little while. 

January 21, 2013

Back on Track: Goals for 2013

I always start the New Year with a list of goals -- I don't call them resolutions, because everyone knows, no one keeps a "resolution".  A goal seems less daunting of a commitment.  It's something you can work on or work towards.  And of course if you write them down someone where, like lets say in a public forum like a blog, well then you are even more accountable to keeping them.  (If you are waiting for my salad-a-day goal recap from 2012, don't worry it's coming!)

So without further ado -- Here are my goals for 2013

1. Figure out a plan for Skårt - more wholesale? more marketing? more shows? I need a PLAN and maybe a Sales Rep?!!
2. Keep on Bloggin' -- Maybe not every week, maybe not even every month.  When the mood strikes a post will appear.  No rules, no constraints I will just keep on Bloggin'
3. Work on a film (maybe one that doesn't involve Zombies OR Strippers!)
4. Book more commercials - They are fun, they pay well and I need to work - so why not work on some more commercials.  And I would like at least one of them to be in a new and exotic local --- ooh, like lets say Brazil or some other country in South America. 
5. Stay on top of my bookkeeping - every year I aim to do this, but I've never written it down as an official goal before.  This year it's going to be a priority!

1. Learn how to give -- I'm a horrible gift giver.  Probably because I hate giving gifts just to gift, I would rather give the perfect gift or no gift at all.  The problem with that is that I still haven't given my best friend (who got married 2 years ago) a wedding gift.  My sister's wedding was three months ago -- I think I have a year's deadline for that?  If I start thinking about it now, maybe I will send out Holiday Cards this year and maybe the card will include a special gift for everyone.
2. Hire a cleaning person - It's a luxury.  And this is the year I want to invest in that luxury.  And if I succeed with goal #4 (see above) then hopefully I will be able to afford such an indulgence.
3. Improve my endurance - I'm not sure what this entails - Running further? Running Faster? Making it through an aerial acrobatics routine without falling.  I'm leaving it intentionally vague so I can figure it out.
4. Participate in a doubles Volleyball Tournament - Playing for fun is one thing - Playing for prizes is a goal of mine this year.
5. NO YOGA - I know this seems comical, but I'm serious - people seem to talk me into trying Yoga classes all the time and each time I hate it a little bit more.  The next time someone tries to convince me the merits of the next great Yoga movement I will stay strong and say "NO!"