October 28, 2013

Looks at these Monsters ...and Smile

With Halloween around the corner I thought I would share these adorable plush monsters I came across made by Monster Factory, a company based out of Toronto.

 And if those aren't scary enough for you.  Check out their limited edition Zombie Monsters.

October 21, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween...

This is a little promo piece I worked on for Disneyland a few weeks ago.  Getting to spend time in the park after all the guests have gone home is always a bit of a thrill, even if it's done with the sacrifice of sleep (we shot this between the hours of 8pm and 6am). 

Buying 25 Pumpkins at the end of September was also a little fun.  You can imagine the looks and comments I got in the checkout line! 
Loading up the carts with pumkins - seems normal in October, but is weird in September

adding a little fog for ambiance
the crew in our safety vests shooting on main street at 3am

October 07, 2013

Fresh Fall

It's been quite a summer.  From spending three weeks on a commercial in Malaysia to losing my studio work space  -- it's been a hectic few months.

So busy (and the fact that I had no place to print) I had to shut down Skårt for a few months. 

But now it's ALL GOOD. 

It's October and it's time for a fresh start -- or a FRESH FALL, as I am calling this post.

I will be spending this week putting things back up in my Etsy shop and setting up the new studio.
(which is actually my old studio

here is a preview of how the studio looks now:

Oh yes, the walls are indeed pink.  Not my choice, but I felt it was more important to get working than worry about the paint color at this point.  Stay tuned.  More to come.