April 27, 2010

The new face of Skårt

I am learning that good pictures are even more important than having a good product. Although I've known this all along, I am still finding it hard to capture the essence of my art. Everyone says that the pieces look better in person.  The subtleties of the wood grain and texture in my work seem to get lost in a picture.  I am not sure if there is a solution to this. Perhaps more professional photographs would help.  Selling in stores rather than online is another solution that I am exploring.       

One thing I have noticed in my Etsy store is that the one picture I have up with a "model" gets more hits than any of my other items.   It makes sense.  Louis Vuitton doesn't just put up pictures of their bags, they have celebrities modeling them.  Nike doesn't just show a pair of shoes on a platform,  they put them on Athletes.    

While on a trip to Montreal I borrowed a friend's baby to do a little photo shoot.  I would like to introduce you to baby Ella -- The newest face of Skårt.  

I've also asked  friends and clients to send me their pictures (and/or post them on the Skårtshop Facebook fan page).  

Here are a few more of the Skårt Angels.... 

Next step is to find a celebrity baby ....  Any suggestions?