September 29, 2009

Inspiration Lavender & Bees

My Lavender and Bees piece reminds me of French Country and Provence.  Below are some ideas of how to incorporate that look into your child's room decor.

Lavender and Bees Print - Skårt shop

Toile birds and flower wallpaper - Creative Wallcoverings

Purple Bulletin Board - available at Rosenberry Rooms

Shabby Chic Chair - DIY make your own cover by adding a big ruffle to the bottom of a simple arm or rocking chair

Country Lavender Pillow (on chair) - By Victorian Heart, available at Tot2Teen

Wooden bee toy - Big Smile Toys

Bumble Bee Pewter Drawer Knob - F is For Frank Etsy Shop

Toile receiving blanket - QTPie Baby

Gingham Fabric/Curtains - Warm Biscuit Bedding Co or Land of Nod

Lavender Crib bedding set - by Seed Sprout, available at Walmart

Baby Bee Ragdoll - Belinda's Garden Etsy Shop

DIY dried lavender - make cute little satchels and display in a bowl or bundle some and tie or put in a vase.  Will add a lovely scent to the room

September 23, 2009

Sacha's room

On a visit to Montreal I finally got to see my Skårt up in Sacha's Room.  It was exciting to see how great it  looked on his wall.  It was also exciting to see how proud Sacha was to show it off to me.  We did a mini photo shoot so that I can now add the "room view" pictures to my website.  

Bedding is the island collection made by Babylicious

September 20, 2009

Music Room turned Nursery

I have finished my new series which was inspired by my "rock and roll" friends.  You know, those "cool" parents who play in bands or make their living as a musicians.   Aiden's series was inspired by the fact that his  bedroom used to be the music room (see picture below).   Now daddy has to practice in a studio instead of in the house.   I loved the idea of carrying  the music theme over to the nursery. 

I came up with this vibrant series of guitars based on what daddy  already had in his collection (and one he hopes to get).  Each guitar is printed on stained wood.  This really allows the natural grain of the wood to be highlighted.  RC gave me the brilliant idea to do the guitars in black and white which  makes them pop with visual stimulation perfect for baby.  The designs are simple but each one captures a popular type of guitar, perfect for getting an early start on teaching not only the styles but the parts of the instruments to your budding musician.

Aiden's series is below, soon to come is a more feminine colored version for Nina.  Just waiting for her parents to come off tour and settle down in a Nursery that I can match the colors to.   Musicians ... sheesh!!!  

September 13, 2009

Printing my caboose off...

I'm doing a quick trip home to Canada to visit family and friends, so the past week has been nonstop, drawing, developing, printing and photographing Skart in order to bring some pieces home with me to give as gifts.   I know you are anxiously awaiting to see how the train series turned out.  So without further ado, here it is....
I am going to offer two color combinations.  This is the first one.  The second one I still have to print.  I am thinking of doing a pale blue/grey engine, with a navy blue car and a green caboose. Maybe on a darker stained wood.  Right now it's offered as a set of three.  In addition, I am thinking of selling them as individual mix & match panels.  I also have a coal car to create a screen for, but I think I'm going to wait a bit on that.

For more images of the trains (or to purchase) check them out on my online shop

September 05, 2009

Inspirations: Dandelion Decor

Dandelion Pillows from Milk & Cookies Canada on Etsy
Dandi Light by Benjamin Hubert
Dandelion Print by none other that Skart Shop
Signature 2.0 Dresser by Iannone Design Ltd
Make a Wish Dandelion Collection Jars - a DIY project (coming soon)
Fabric available at Saffron Craig
Pink Dandelion bedding found at Sea Holly by Sight-Two for Nursery works
Dandelion Area rug by Tibetan Rug Company