August 23, 2009

The Perfect Gift?

Our trip to New York was just extended another week for another job.  Good news for us, bad news for our cats.  Our friend SM is taking care of the cats for us while we are gone.  This morning I was trolling on Etsy (as I do many mornings for 'research' purposes) and came across these amazing illustrations by the talented Lauren Gregg.  SM just got back from the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and when I saw this print I couldn't imagine finding a more perfect "thank you for cat sitting" token for her.  I know it's silly, and I've actually never seen her apartment, so It might find a place in the back of a closet.  It was just so cute I couldn't resist, and I love the idea of supporting fellow Etsy artists.  
You can click here to see some of her other Etsy prints.  

August 16, 2009

Blogging from Brooklyn

How fast a week goes by when you are scrambling to find deer antler wall lights and the perfect ginger-men cookies.  In fact, it went by so quick I didn't have time to blog.  

We were sent to New York for a last minute job booking.   I had two days to find, book and pick up all the props we need for a photo shoot on Monday (tomorrow).  We flew into the city yesterday and are staying with my friend HR in Park Slope.  Today was my one day to relax before a 5 day shoot.  Everyone told me what a great neighborhood this is to find some cool children's boutiques --- maybe talk to a few people about carrying my art at some point down the road.  So instead of blogging about how disgustingly humid and hot it is here (so redundant) , I thought I might take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and report about all the great kids shops I found.  

Well, I must have been on the wrong streets (5th & 7th aves?) because there were a few cute shops  but nothing super spectacularly unique or blog worthy.  

Although not kid specific, there was one store I really enjoyed  called 3R living.  A home decor and lifestyle store dedicated to "Future Friendly Products" (a great tag line)  They had some really innovative products as well as a little recycle depot set up for things like electronics, batteries and even crayons.  How smart! They also have a blog at  I took their card, maybe when I have a few more pieces I will contact them about carrying my "Future Friendly" artwork.

August 10, 2009

All About Ace

Apparently Skårt has itself a new supermodel/spokespersoncat.

I was trying to take pictures of my art in various room vignettes, to give the prints some dimensional perspective on my website.  A certain cat thought he would be a great addition to all of my photos.  

August 05, 2009

Lavender & Bees

My latest print is done and I love the way it turned out.  

It was inspired by a giant lavender bush I pass on my walk from my home to my friend's garage print studio.  It overflows onto the sidewalk and as I pass it 10 times a day it I breath in the beautiful aroma and watch the bees buzzing in and around the flowers. 

It's dark purple on a gorgeous lavender stained wood.  And of course the lavender is all drawn from hearts.  LOVE! ♥

You check out all the specs here