December 20, 2009

I've run off with the Circus!

These last few weeks before the holiday have been super busy with jobs from My Other Career.  "I can't come to the blog right now because I've joined the circus" -- I bet that is one you don't hear everyday!  In my case, I didn't really join the circus, but for the last two weeks I have been building them.  Last week we built a big carnival set.  And then that was such a success that this week we were called in to change it up and build a circus set.  A lot of fun, but a lot of work.  Since I've been so busy with My Other Career, I have no new designs or Skårt stories to share.  Instead, here are some pictures from behind the scenes of the shoot:
We brought in a Ferris Wheel for the backdrop

Built our own food booths

Made giant, prize winning fruit! 

And even brought in a few animals (the elephant is fake, but the monkey was Real!) 

December 05, 2009

The Shipping Manager

I'm ready for the holiday rush! I ordered a few boxes that match the sizes of my artwork, so I don't have to go scrounging for ones that fit anymore.  But that means organizing and finding a place for everything.  Meet my new shipping manager....
Aside from his inclination to eat packing tape, he's a great assistant! 

November 25, 2009

Custom Orders

I just completed my first custom order.  It was for a friend who wanted to buy her niece something special for her first birthday.    She was going to buy something I had already made but then I asked her for a suggestion for a new series.  She said her niece goes to the family house at the beach every summer and loves it.  Something to do with the beach.   I came up with this cute little  series.   The first one is called "The Hamptons Beach" and the second one is called "Malibu Beach".  The ones I made for her were in pink to match the baby room.  I've created them in a multitude of colors to match any room.  (Teal is going in my bathroom).  There is a third beach to come.  How can I have a beach series and no palm trees?  "Palm Beach" will be created very soon!

November 13, 2009

From Baby to Boomer...

Last week I was representing all age groups at trade shows in Toronto.  

Skårt helped add a little fun to the Savvy Mom booth at the Baby Time Show.  If you look closely you can see my pink  Dandelion set hanging in their mock laundry room set up.   What was great about this set up is that not only did thousands of people see my art, but also, Savvy Mom decided to make Skårt Shop their pick of the week on their website.  Great exposure to moms all over Canada!
On the other end of the spectrum, I designed all the promotional materials for friends who have a great start up company called Linking Boomers, a social community site geared at the Baby Boomer generation.  Linking Boomers staged a major appearance at the Zoomer show. As you can see below, my banner was there front and center to greet people as they came through the doors.

November 04, 2009

Hot of the presses -- my new promo cards are in!

I have 1000 of these babies.  Now I just have to figure out where to distribute them. 

October 25, 2009

Kids Deserve Art

It has been a busy few weeks here at Skårt Shop HQ 
-- There are no new designs or even silly doodles to share.  
But I do have this:

It's the new and improved Kids Deserve Art Website.   The site is owned and managed by my friend, Haley-O.   I have spent the last few weeks redesigning this sweet little online gallery.  

KDA is site Haley started about 4 years ago to showcase talented Canadian artists who create wonderful art geared towards children's rooms.  Right now there are three featured artists (one of whom is yours truly) More artists will join the ranks in the next few months.  All prices on Kids Deserve Art are Canadian dollars. It's great, because even though it's easy enough to order my prints from my website from any country I like the idea of having a Canadian presence.

 ...Especially since my Dandelion prints are going to be featured at the Savvy Mom's booth and the upcoming Baby and Toddler show in Toronto next weekend. 

October 16, 2009

Fall Prints

It was fall here in LA yesterday, I swear!!! It even rained.  You would never know it, because today it's back to being sunny at 94 degrees.  In any case, my fall prints are done (they were actually done a few days ago but it takes time to photograph them and web update etc etc.) 

So without further ado I present my fall inspired prints...

*also available on a light wood background

October 09, 2009

Fall Doodles

I got back from Ottawa and Montreal a little over a week ago.  The leaves were just starting to turn and there was a definite chill in the air.  My reminiscence for fall has manifested itself in my doodles.  It looks like my next series will be a reflection of that.  Stay tuned... 

September 29, 2009

Inspiration Lavender & Bees

My Lavender and Bees piece reminds me of French Country and Provence.  Below are some ideas of how to incorporate that look into your child's room decor.

Lavender and Bees Print - Skårt shop

Toile birds and flower wallpaper - Creative Wallcoverings

Purple Bulletin Board - available at Rosenberry Rooms

Shabby Chic Chair - DIY make your own cover by adding a big ruffle to the bottom of a simple arm or rocking chair

Country Lavender Pillow (on chair) - By Victorian Heart, available at Tot2Teen

Wooden bee toy - Big Smile Toys

Bumble Bee Pewter Drawer Knob - F is For Frank Etsy Shop

Toile receiving blanket - QTPie Baby

Gingham Fabric/Curtains - Warm Biscuit Bedding Co or Land of Nod

Lavender Crib bedding set - by Seed Sprout, available at Walmart

Baby Bee Ragdoll - Belinda's Garden Etsy Shop

DIY dried lavender - make cute little satchels and display in a bowl or bundle some and tie or put in a vase.  Will add a lovely scent to the room

September 23, 2009

Sacha's room

On a visit to Montreal I finally got to see my Skårt up in Sacha's Room.  It was exciting to see how great it  looked on his wall.  It was also exciting to see how proud Sacha was to show it off to me.  We did a mini photo shoot so that I can now add the "room view" pictures to my website.  

Bedding is the island collection made by Babylicious

September 20, 2009

Music Room turned Nursery

I have finished my new series which was inspired by my "rock and roll" friends.  You know, those "cool" parents who play in bands or make their living as a musicians.   Aiden's series was inspired by the fact that his  bedroom used to be the music room (see picture below).   Now daddy has to practice in a studio instead of in the house.   I loved the idea of carrying  the music theme over to the nursery. 

I came up with this vibrant series of guitars based on what daddy  already had in his collection (and one he hopes to get).  Each guitar is printed on stained wood.  This really allows the natural grain of the wood to be highlighted.  RC gave me the brilliant idea to do the guitars in black and white which  makes them pop with visual stimulation perfect for baby.  The designs are simple but each one captures a popular type of guitar, perfect for getting an early start on teaching not only the styles but the parts of the instruments to your budding musician.

Aiden's series is below, soon to come is a more feminine colored version for Nina.  Just waiting for her parents to come off tour and settle down in a Nursery that I can match the colors to.   Musicians ... sheesh!!!  

September 13, 2009

Printing my caboose off...

I'm doing a quick trip home to Canada to visit family and friends, so the past week has been nonstop, drawing, developing, printing and photographing Skart in order to bring some pieces home with me to give as gifts.   I know you are anxiously awaiting to see how the train series turned out.  So without further ado, here it is....
I am going to offer two color combinations.  This is the first one.  The second one I still have to print.  I am thinking of doing a pale blue/grey engine, with a navy blue car and a green caboose. Maybe on a darker stained wood.  Right now it's offered as a set of three.  In addition, I am thinking of selling them as individual mix & match panels.  I also have a coal car to create a screen for, but I think I'm going to wait a bit on that.

For more images of the trains (or to purchase) check them out on my online shop

September 05, 2009

Inspirations: Dandelion Decor

Dandelion Pillows from Milk & Cookies Canada on Etsy
Dandi Light by Benjamin Hubert
Dandelion Print by none other that Skart Shop
Signature 2.0 Dresser by Iannone Design Ltd
Make a Wish Dandelion Collection Jars - a DIY project (coming soon)
Fabric available at Saffron Craig
Pink Dandelion bedding found at Sea Holly by Sight-Two for Nursery works
Dandelion Area rug by Tibetan Rug Company

August 23, 2009

The Perfect Gift?

Our trip to New York was just extended another week for another job.  Good news for us, bad news for our cats.  Our friend SM is taking care of the cats for us while we are gone.  This morning I was trolling on Etsy (as I do many mornings for 'research' purposes) and came across these amazing illustrations by the talented Lauren Gregg.  SM just got back from the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and when I saw this print I couldn't imagine finding a more perfect "thank you for cat sitting" token for her.  I know it's silly, and I've actually never seen her apartment, so It might find a place in the back of a closet.  It was just so cute I couldn't resist, and I love the idea of supporting fellow Etsy artists.  
You can click here to see some of her other Etsy prints.  

August 16, 2009

Blogging from Brooklyn

How fast a week goes by when you are scrambling to find deer antler wall lights and the perfect ginger-men cookies.  In fact, it went by so quick I didn't have time to blog.  

We were sent to New York for a last minute job booking.   I had two days to find, book and pick up all the props we need for a photo shoot on Monday (tomorrow).  We flew into the city yesterday and are staying with my friend HR in Park Slope.  Today was my one day to relax before a 5 day shoot.  Everyone told me what a great neighborhood this is to find some cool children's boutiques --- maybe talk to a few people about carrying my art at some point down the road.  So instead of blogging about how disgustingly humid and hot it is here (so redundant) , I thought I might take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and report about all the great kids shops I found.  

Well, I must have been on the wrong streets (5th & 7th aves?) because there were a few cute shops  but nothing super spectacularly unique or blog worthy.  

Although not kid specific, there was one store I really enjoyed  called 3R living.  A home decor and lifestyle store dedicated to "Future Friendly Products" (a great tag line)  They had some really innovative products as well as a little recycle depot set up for things like electronics, batteries and even crayons.  How smart! They also have a blog at  I took their card, maybe when I have a few more pieces I will contact them about carrying my "Future Friendly" artwork.

August 10, 2009

All About Ace

Apparently Skårt has itself a new supermodel/spokespersoncat.

I was trying to take pictures of my art in various room vignettes, to give the prints some dimensional perspective on my website.  A certain cat thought he would be a great addition to all of my photos.  

August 05, 2009

Lavender & Bees

My latest print is done and I love the way it turned out.  

It was inspired by a giant lavender bush I pass on my walk from my home to my friend's garage print studio.  It overflows onto the sidewalk and as I pass it 10 times a day it I breath in the beautiful aroma and watch the bees buzzing in and around the flowers. 

It's dark purple on a gorgeous lavender stained wood.  And of course the lavender is all drawn from hearts.  LOVE! ♥

You check out all the specs here

July 31, 2009

Ups and Downs

When starting this new business, I didn't really realize the extent of what I was doing.  A hard day yesterday made me want to quit it all, but today made up for all that! 

First off, the screens all worked and I'm ready to print the new designs woohoo.  But that's not the only reason why I'm so cheery. 

I'm off the wall excited because when I logged into my Etsy account, it showed hundreds of people had viewed my page.  And I had gotten 20 more hearts! Nothing boosts an artists' ego like getting hearts.  To find out why this happened I did a little research on -- a little Etsy link site that lets you see if you are in any current treasuries.   Low and behold, I was in not one but TWO treasuries.  

What is a treasury? Those unfamiliar with Etsy may be asking.  
A Treasury is a member curated collection of Etsy items  featured on Etsy's Treasury page. These treasuries are featured on Etsy for a limited amount of time, usually no more than two days.  Most Treasuries have themes, such as color, price or function and feature twelve different items.  Etsy users visit Treasury pages to browse curated items, and see what new things people have found to share.  It's not easy to create a Treasury page.  They only allow a limited amount of lists at once.  When one expired it opens a space for another one.  However, it seems you have to be very lucky to time it right. Everyonce in a while the Etsy Gods (aka -- those people who run the Etsy website) will pick a notable treasury to feature on their front log in page.  This is the first page that anyone sees when they log into Etsy.  And guess where my little dandelion print made it?!! Yup, that's right.  TO THE FRONT PAGE OF ETSY.  That's why hundreds of people all of a sudden noticed me.  

The treasuries are fleeting only lasting a couple of days, but I took a few snapshots to preserve my moment in the sun.  See if you can spot my humble little prints in these beautiful collections.

July 30, 2009

Try try again

Can I start this post off with a big 'sigh'


I'm facing some setbacks for my new designs.  The set back involves me continually screwing up the screens I need to make in order to print.  Something has gone wrong in my emulsion applying and exposing times and every time I go to put my pattern on the screen, the image starts off looking good but breaks down before I finish rinsing.    

All that, topped off with me miscalculating the size of the screens I needed in the first place and having to make a return trip to the store to get bigger screens.  sigh.  

I'm sure it's just an off day. Tomorrow will be better and I will try again.

July 28, 2009

Something to Celebrate

I had my first Etsy sale.  So exciting.  It was from a complete stranger who liked my work enough to say, "I want one of those".  Quite a boost.   Now the little box in the right corner that has for the past few weeks been a sad "0 sales" has moved to "1 sale".  Woohoo.  

I guess now I have to buy Melrose the cat nip mustache I promised her.  

Of course I'm still a little nervous. I shipped it to the buyer and I think it is due to arrive on Friday, but there is always the chance that it isn't quite what she expected.  Monitors make colors vary greatly.  My fear is that she will email me saying she wants to return it.  Gulp.  That would be sad. So fingers crossed that she gets it and loves it.  Why wouldn't she right?!  

To celebrate I had dinner with a friend, JC, in town from New York.  JC runs a fantastic blog of her own.  It's called 100 layer cake and it's probably one of the most beautiful, well thought out blogs I have come across to date.  It's about all things wedding-y.  

We went to a new restaurant in our neighborhood called, Animal (vegetarians need not apply). JC wanted to meet the owners to discuss including their upcoming wedding on her blog.  I just wanted to eat some animals.  

There are no words to  describe the joy on my face when I scanned the menu and the 17th item read, "Poutine".  Actually it read, "poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar $15" to be exact.   Most expensive plate of poutine I've ever eaten, however, probably also the tastiest.  

The restaurant is what I would call BBQ inspired tapas.  Some very creative dishes.  Who knew pigs ears could taste so good when covered with chili and lime?  And don't get me started on the pork belly sliders.  mmmmmmm.  I won't go down the whole menu, you can check out what's current yourself at Animal's website or what our options were on the menu below. 

July 27, 2009

Decorating Ideas - Aviator Themed

If you are going to buy an airplane print from me.  You are going to need a few more airplane accessories to complete your room.  Here are just a few ideas of fun ways to bring the aviator theme into your nursery.

Fold down changing table by Bo Design.  It sort of reminds me of something you would find in an airplane bathroom (like on SAS airways or something!) 

Paper airplane pillow from defraction fiber on Etsy

Assorted pewter airplane and propeller drawer pulls - I think it would be great to collect a bunch of different ones. Maybe even vintage ones from ebay!

Wood toy airplanes - great for play, for display or buy a bunch of different designs and hang them from your ceiling.   These ones are from Mary's Country Craft, she's got a bunch of other great wood planes as well as other toy vehicles.

Aviator teddy bears --- aww how cute -- these ones are courtesy of The Future Flyers Club

Personal letters with airplane background - order them online or if you are feeling crafty, paint your own! 

Deluxe chrome pedal plane by American Retro

Big bed airplane sheets from Pottery Barn kids

July 20, 2009

Time for a makeover already?!!!

Things have been going well.  I had my first order for a set of Dandelion prints (granted it came from my mother-in-law) but still... it all counts! I got listed on an Etsy Treasury List.  The treasury list is when a member posts a grouping of a bunch of favorite like items.   My Dandelion #3 in peach was chosen to go in a grouping of fun peach colored items.  And now I have gone and given my website and blog a much deserved makeover (with a little help from my friend over at Pamplemousse Designs.  

When I started with all this, I didn't really put much thought into the overall look of things.
This was my original logo:
I thought it was cute.  It separated the 'sk' from the 'art' which I kind of liked.  But as my friend and design guru CM pointed out, it wasn't very chic.  And if I was selling hip, modern, art my logo should probably reflect that.  Cool parents logging on to a website would respond better to a clean modern logo vs a crafty, cutesy one.  So I developed the new one you now see at the top of my website.  
I think it goes much better with the feel of my art.  The natural, soft colors, the crisp lines, and of course the accent over the 'a', because everyone knows those Scandinavians are make beautifully designed items. lol.  

I put the accent in as a joke.  But I kind of liked it.  It gave the word a new life, and new fun factor.  It's now pronounced Skoart (long o with open mouth) -- I'll wait while you try it....

I also promptly looked up my genealogy.  Not a lot of Scandinavian heritage there, however, it does mention my great, great, great grandfather, Henry Welton, "of swedish stock" HA - so there you go, I'm not a complete fraud.  

July 05, 2009


I opened my Etsy account today.  A kind of a must for any artist/crafter looking for exposure.  For those of you who don't know,  Etsy is a website which provides small business entrepreneurs with a way to buy and sell handmade items, including art, photography, clothing ... (wikipedia definition) There are currently over 100,000 members.  

I've started my Etsy page by putting up two planes and two dandelion prints.  It's kind of exciting to see how many people have viewed my items.  Some people have chosen to "heart" me.  Which means they have added me to their lists of favorite things.  Hopefully that also means they are thinking of buying something from me.  Kind of like the way I hearted these cat nip mustaches.

I've promised Melrose as soon as I make my first sale I will buy them for her.  Don't ask me why, but she has a thing for staches 

(insert picture of melrose with mustache)

After seeing how easy Etsy was to set up I'm wondering why I even bothered with my own website and shop.  My plan was to sell stocked items through Etsy and more custom things through my own site.  I guess we will see how it all goes.  I will just be happy to sell something through anywhere.

June 29, 2009

D is for Dandelions

and the Dandelions are here!

The design is intricate but they are only one color so I can customize.  
These are a little more grown up looking (probably because I actually made them to go in my bedroom) 

June 22, 2009

Airplanes Series all done

I am so happy with the way they came out.  So glad I waited and waited, and printed them myself.  I printed about 5 of each design.  I would like to do some other color variations but I think I will wait a bit (ie: until I make a sale or two or maybe even get a request for a custom color combo) --- in case you are just stumbling onto this blog and you love what you see.  Everything is available for purchase through my Etsy site and through my own site.

Special thanks has to go out to my husband who hand crafted the gorgeous frames that complete the look.

Here he his hard at work in our garage workshop studio! 

June 15, 2009

Let it snow

It's June, of course that is synonymous with christmas lights, reindeer and snow.  Well, maybe not in your world, but in our set design world, June is the month when everyone starts thinking and shooting their holiday campaigns. We just finished up two weeks in New York working on CVS's holiday book.  The climax of the shoot was the big outdoor decor shot.  We brought in a team of special effects guys to create a winter wonderland on location at a house in Jersey.

Below is a little video I put together so you can see that behind the scenes of what it takes to create something of this scale.

May 25, 2009

Let the printing begin

My machine came.  It finally came.  All right, you got me, it came a little while ago but I had a lot of setting up and figuring out to do before I could actually post about it.  My good friend and neighbor A.L. has let me set everything up in her garage.  I've been a busy, little bee, developing screens and printing away.  There have a been a lot of trial and errors, working out the kinks in paint types, wood materials,  color alignments etc.  But it's now official (drum roll please) ... 

I've completed my first series.  Woohooo.

I proudly present: Airplanes in Blue

May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Necklaces

I'm still on the jewelry making kick.  This is a special little necklace I designed for Mother's day. 

April 20, 2009

Have your shoes and eat them too!

We have been doing a lot of Girls nights lately.  Dancing, dinners out, and Dream board making.

On the heels (pun intended!) of our successful dream necklace craft night, we all got together again and under the supervision of our super creative friend K.R. we made chocolate shoes.  It was a great night.  About 7 of us sat around painting chocolate patterns into our plastic molds. We laughed, we chatted, and of course we ate a lot of chocolate.  The end results were so great, I don't know if I can ever bring myself to eat mine.  

Let me also take this moment to plug the organizer of this night, K.R.   Why have a blog if you can't rave about how great all your friends are. By day she works on visual effects for film.  By night, she has been taking cake decorating classes and practicing her pastry chef fantasies on us (lucky us!) Here is a look at some of her amazing creations.  You can see more on her website. And if you live in the L.A. area, you should talk to her about ordering your own custom, edible, delight for your special event.  

April 06, 2009

Sneaking my art on set

I still haven't made any real prints yet. But the designs are separated and already to go. I have paper and ink print outs of everything and of course the samples I started with.  So when I was asked to make a "Cool Kids Room, that has blue accents and paper airplanes" for an upcoming Adidas shoot , how could I not take advantage of free publicity and use some of my own art.  

They wanted everything sort of haphazard and messy, with bold graphic elements.  Not necessarily my aesthetic.  I usually like things a little more orderly.  The client loved it, and that's all that matters.  Can't wait to see what the ads look like (keep an eye out for them in stores this fall!) 

March 30, 2009

Dream Necklaces

I have gotten carried away.  

I've been designing lots and lots of necklaces.  I think SK Art is going to end up  being more than just art.  I've redesigned the SKART logo to include everything I do.  

There are no rules here, I can make and sell and do whatever I want.  Right?  

Below is a preview of some of the necklaces I have made: