August 16, 2009

Blogging from Brooklyn

How fast a week goes by when you are scrambling to find deer antler wall lights and the perfect ginger-men cookies.  In fact, it went by so quick I didn't have time to blog.  

We were sent to New York for a last minute job booking.   I had two days to find, book and pick up all the props we need for a photo shoot on Monday (tomorrow).  We flew into the city yesterday and are staying with my friend HR in Park Slope.  Today was my one day to relax before a 5 day shoot.  Everyone told me what a great neighborhood this is to find some cool children's boutiques --- maybe talk to a few people about carrying my art at some point down the road.  So instead of blogging about how disgustingly humid and hot it is here (so redundant) , I thought I might take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and report about all the great kids shops I found.  

Well, I must have been on the wrong streets (5th & 7th aves?) because there were a few cute shops  but nothing super spectacularly unique or blog worthy.  

Although not kid specific, there was one store I really enjoyed  called 3R living.  A home decor and lifestyle store dedicated to "Future Friendly Products" (a great tag line)  They had some really innovative products as well as a little recycle depot set up for things like electronics, batteries and even crayons.  How smart! They also have a blog at  I took their card, maybe when I have a few more pieces I will contact them about carrying my "Future Friendly" artwork.

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  1. Did I ever mention this is such a good looking blog? Love the design and the posts! Also, I have a new favourite. Birds & Animals - LOVE IT!!!! You are so talented!