September 05, 2009

Inspirations: Dandelion Decor

Dandelion Pillows from Milk & Cookies Canada on Etsy
Dandi Light by Benjamin Hubert
Dandelion Print by none other that Skart Shop
Signature 2.0 Dresser by Iannone Design Ltd
Make a Wish Dandelion Collection Jars - a DIY project (coming soon)
Fabric available at Saffron Craig
Pink Dandelion bedding found at Sea Holly by Sight-Two for Nursery works
Dandelion Area rug by Tibetan Rug Company


  1. Awesome! I LOVE that dresser. You may inspire me to FINALLY do somethig about my bedroom furniture. (buh-bye Ikea!)

  2. Liza10:44

    I really like the Pink Dandelion bedding but when I click on the link, it won't work.. help please????

  3. Hi Liza, thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link ---
    The bedding still seems to be available at amazon.