October 25, 2009

Kids Deserve Art

It has been a busy few weeks here at Skårt Shop HQ 
-- There are no new designs or even silly doodles to share.  
But I do have this:

It's the new and improved Kids Deserve Art Website.   The site is owned and managed by my friend, Haley-O.   I have spent the last few weeks redesigning this sweet little online gallery.  

KDA is site Haley started about 4 years ago to showcase talented Canadian artists who create wonderful art geared towards children's rooms.  Right now there are three featured artists (one of whom is yours truly) More artists will join the ranks in the next few months.  All prices on Kids Deserve Art are Canadian dollars. It's great, because even though it's easy enough to order my prints from my website from any country I like the idea of having a Canadian presence.

 ...Especially since my Dandelion prints are going to be featured at the Savvy Mom's booth and the upcoming Baby and Toddler show in Toronto next weekend. 


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