January 21, 2010

Prints on Paper

My prints on wood are my signature product and (in my humble opinion) they are gorgeous.  The way the grain of the wood comes through the stains, merging with the design of the print makes each piece absolutely unique. However, before doing a print on wood I do a test on paper.  From some of these tests I came to realize that a few of my prints look pretty good on crisp white paper too.  I've also heard feedback that some of my price points are out of range of the average customer.  Who am I to deny anyone the right to original art.  Therefor I've added a section to my Skårtshop which includes some of my more popular designs on paper.  The paper I am using right now  is a heavy slightly textured, archival, cold pressed water color paper.  The prints look rich and vibrant.  The prints come rolled in a sturdy packing tube via a flat rate shipping.  I've been framing them in the Ikea Ribba frame.  Not a perfect fit, but very easy and looks good.  The color options are also pretty limitless.  Great for customizations to match your room.  As soon as it stops raining here in SoCal I will take pictures of a few more of the designs I have ready to go.  

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  1. Oooo- beautiful and so fresh looking!