May 21, 2010

Choosing Colors

One of the biggest and unexpected challenges I am coming across is choosing the colors. Once the design is completed I will often spend hours on the computer playing with different color variations to try and decide which color to do my first prints in.  And of course, often what looks good on the computer screen will look completely different on wood.  The possibilities can be endless.  Pink on pink, pink on yellow, green on espresso wood, green on natural wood, lime green, hunter green, seafoam green ...   So many choices.

I chose the color combo for my dancing Robots of a lime green and baby blue on dark wood. When I delivered the Robots to one of the stores, the owner loved them but then suggested I do them in yellow with glowing red eyes.  "Well, that might look cool", I said.  And the color door reopened. Hustle-bot might also look good in Aqua, or, what about Aqua with yellow eyes, or red eyes? 

When choosing colors I  have to consider what is "in" right now in kids' decor.  Tiffany Blue is IN, Purple is OUT?  What will match the hot new bedding?  What is Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod highlighting for the season?  

I have found a big help in choosing my initial color scheme is matching to fabric.  That is how I came up with the Pastel and Vibrant versions of my Safari Baby series.  I chose to match the colors to Alexander Henry's 2d Zoo Fabric.   By using the colors in the fabric it gives me a basic palette to go by.  Of course custom color requests are also always welcome.

And if you are looking to decorate a room in this theme you should check out Etsy because there are many other talented artists using this fabric to create wonderful decor accessories.

Custom Crib bedding by Fingers and Toes
Mobile by EvenEden13
Canvas Growth Chart by Giraffes and Stuff
Chenille and Flannel Baby Blanket by The Red Pistachio
Little Hooter Owl by Cut Sew Repeat
Nursing Pillow cover by MollyAnneMake


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