December 16, 2010

Bah Humbug!

bah humbug bunting available at Bad Baby Quilts on Etsy

T'is the season --- to  pay way too much for airline tickets fa la la la la  -- isn't that how the song goes? 

Sigh...  I'm in a hum bug mood.  Booked our flights to see the families and as usual waited till the last minute and ended up paying 4x what it would normally cost any other time of year. 

I can't get into the holiday spirit.  

Maybe it's because I live in LA -- and christmas lights on palm trees just don't count?  
or maybe it's because I already spent July and August shoveling (fake) snow and decorating giant Christmas trees for "my other job" 
or maybe it's because I've been in "go" mode since the one of a kind show.  Not only am I trying to fill all my skårt orders before christmas but I've also been working at my other job -- dressing sets for SPRING catalogues, all while entertaining house guests (aka my parents).  Not complaining, all are great things, but who has time to get in the holiday spirit?

Speaking of time.  Every year in October I have great intentions of sending holiday cards. This year I have no excuse, considering I have a pile of skårt cards just begging to be addressed and sent out.  I was supposed to list them for sale on Etsy -- but that never happened either.  Alas, I haven't even made a list of who I should send to, and looks like they will not get sent. 

Do you send out holiday cards? If so, is there a protocol on dates, when is it too late? Can I still send them if I get them in the mail by friday? 


  1. Christmas cards should arrive before Christmas. So yes- get to your list tonight and write the cards tomorrow. There is still time.
    And with cards so lovely...

  2. Thanks for posting my Humbug bunting!

    I figure if Christmas cards get there late, people will just think they got held up in the mail. As long as I postmark by December 24th, I'm good.