July 26, 2011

Oh No We Didn't

As you may know (if you read this blog often enough) aside from being an artist, my other job is a Production Designer for film, television and ads. This weekend I was helping some friends out by getting some of the set and props together for a short film they were shooting.  And for some reason I let them shoot part of this film at MY HOUSE.

First rule of film making. Never* shoot at your own house.
*unless you are getting a hefty location fee that can pay for any damages.

Although the husband was more reluctant than I was, we shot mostly outside, it was a small crew, and everyone was very respectful ie: no damages to report.  However, I have been reading this great blog Designwali and while the author has been away she has been featuring a brilliant series of guest posts with the theme "Oh No We Didn't".  The series involves a variety of professional designers writing in and revealing there home FAILS.  ie projects they started and didn't complete, furniture they purchased and immediately regretted or poor color choices that they just haven't bothered to fix.  It's a great reminder that I bet even Martha Stewart's home isn't perfect. 

So with this blog series on the brain, as I shuffled a bunch of people through my home my own "Oh No We Didn't" projects jumped out at me and I wondered if anyone else noticed them.  But instead of fixing the things that need fixing or trying to hide them I decided to share them with YOU.  

FAIL #1: The Last Hacked Curtain
When we moved in I found these great tone on tone striped curtains to match the paint color in the dining room.  The only problem is that I could only find 3 panels that were 84" long (the right length). So I bought one 96" panel to complete the wall with the full intent of cutting and hemming the last curtain to match.  Well.... life happened and I cut the curtain but never hemmed it.  So the last curatin remains with a poor hack job, strings fraying hanging in my dinging room.

FAIL #2: Those Stickers just won't come off!
We have these two arched nooks that are the perfect size for displaying  family photographs.  It took a visit from the parents to actually make me run out to the store and hastily buy frames in order to display said pictures.  I bought a bunch of cute frames at Ross (the best discount store on the planet).  But the best discount store on the planet also has the worlds stickiest price tags.   And for some reason they stick these tags right on the glass.  I got most of the stickers off but at some point I just gave up.  And now I still have a few frames with white sticker residue that needs goo gone and heavy arm scrubbing to get off.  It's been 4 years.  Maybe one day I will get around to it.  Or maybe I will just buy some new frames!

For more design "Oh No We Didn't" stories  check out Designwali's Blog.  Now it's your turn! What are your "oh no we didn't" secrets?


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