July 09, 2012

And the Show was a....

Well, I wouldn't call it a success necessarily.  I mean, I didn't make my millions at Unique San Francisco.  I might have broken even covering the costs of the set up, booth and gas to get to San Francisco.  But my mom came in from Toronto and we drove up with and stayed with one of my good friends, so all and all it was a pretty fun weekend.  Took me a while to get home and recover (hence the lack of blogging last week).  I realized that to me the best part of the shows is the booth set up.  I love taking a 10' by 10' plot of nothingness and turning it into a little store and then seeing how differently everyone else sets up their space.  I guess that's the set designer in me.  Here is how my little space looked from start to set up.

There were a lot of amazing artists and crafts people at the show.  One of my favorites was OodleBaDoodle.  Great display and the cutest owl plashes you have ever seen.  


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