October 11, 2012

Salad a day 2012 - Update

My project of eating, photographing and instagramming a salad a day is still in full swing.  Today will be day #65.  Oh yes, it's true, there are currently 64 pictures of salads on my instagram feed (@theskartist -- in case you want to follow) For review on this project or to understand what I'm talking about you can click HERE.

The challenge has become not actually eating a salad a day-- that's easy, in fact sometimes I eat TWO salads a day -- it's eating a new and interesting salad as well as making it look pretty enough to get validated by at least 1 "like"

Well, the other day I was beyond validated when the National Post contacted me asking if they could publish one of my salad photos in their newspaper.  Yup that's right, one of MY salads printed in full color in their Gastronomy section.  It was a picture I took when I was out for Lunch at a Toronto restaurant called Chickerie.  You get one side with your chicken and although I really wanted the mac and cheese I got the salad (see there are health benefits to this project) and a beautiful photo, mostly due to the restaurants own wonderful food presentation

So here it is listed alphabetical - click on the picture to see full size.


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