December 10, 2012

Best Birthday Cake EVER!!!

Last night I went to a "My friend is on a Reality TV show Party" (oh and incidentally, I live in Los Angeles, so this is not my first party of that sort).  But this viewing was special because my friend happens to be a cake designer and she was competing on a show called "Sugar Dome" -- a competition show on the Food Network where the best cake wins.  She had promised us all that there would most definitely be cake at this party.  woohoo!

But imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw this glorious cake - ALL FOR ME!!!!
Yup, that's right, she made me my very own Salad cake.  And luckily I hadn't even had my salad today yet! And like the sign says, it's a "Salad Cake" so it totally counts!!!

21 more days of Salad for 2012 --- But this is officially the very best one! 
  You can see more of my friend's cakes or make your own celebration special and order your own at


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