February 14, 2013

Love Songs and Last Minute Valentines

So here it is, Valentines day is upon us.  If you don't have a gift, chocolates or flowers are an easy fix.

My thought: Why not write a love song.

However, if you have no musical or writing abilities (like me) then you should just visit songlyrics.com and search for a song.  Maybe it's one that has special meaning, maybe it's one you just like.  Then you can write it out, or type it out or maybe just take a line or two and give it to your Valentine.  Voila - the perfect gift. 

If you need a little inspiration here are a few example I found online:

Found on Poppy talk

Lunimeers: Hey Ho lyrics by Stoic Design on Etsy

All You Need is Love note card by Texas Girl Designs on Etsy

Rainbow Connection - Custom Song art by Skårtshop
How Sweet it is by Creative Spark


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