February 02, 2009

The Birth of SK Art

SK Art was born on March 29th, 2008 and not so coincidentally  so was Sacha, my good friend's son.  In fact it is really because of Sacha, (and his mom, CM) that I'm am creating this art at all.   For months before Sacha's birth CM would email and text me images and links to baby bedding, stroller patterns, all natural baby lotions, diaper bags, maternity clothes, baby blankets and anything else you could imagine an excited new mom shopping for.  We would mull over the colors to paint his nursery.  Is turquoise too girly? Is Navy too dark? CM has a bachelors in Fine Art, a Masters in Architecture and is currently working as a successful graphic designer of high end, custom invitations.  In other words, she has taste, style and a great eye for design and detail. Every item that her child touches, sees and wears is going to be coordinated and perfect.  

CM and her husband  share a love of travel  (Shhh, don't tell, but she has a little airplane tattooed on her lower back).  When we were looking at designs for the nursery  we became obsessed with online shops such as Dwell Studio, Boodalee and 2modern.  We oohed and aahhed over the choices (and gasped a little at some of the prices). We always had an eye out for something with airplanes but couldn't find something with the right colors, and modern feel.  That is when the lightbulb went on and the sketching began.  

I started researching different types of planes but decided to start with the standard "toy airplane style" of the biplane.  From there, I moved on to the 747.  By then I was on a roll. Float Plane, Prop Plane, Lear Jet.  Before I knew it I had 6 unique drawings.  A full series of art for the nursery.  CM's biggest pet peeve in baby decor was finding things that were too 'babyish'.  The color 'baby blue' was banned from her house.   I was very conscious  when designing the planes to keep them modern and whimsical without being too cutesy.  This was going to be the best newborn gift she would receive.  Little did I know it would be the start of something bigger for me.  

Of course drawing on paper and on the computer were one thing.  Translating them to actual artwork is a whole different ball game.  A good thing they didn't look too babyish.  By time I get around to turning the designs into hang-able wall art, Sacha will probably no longer be a baby.  


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