February 23, 2009

Meanwhile -- back at my first career

I guess this blog doesn't have to be all about Skart.  After all, I do have a life and career out side of all this.  And sometimes this other life and job can be pretty amusing.  

Like for instance, this week we did a couple of shoots for GQ magazine.  The first shoot was for a story about Bachelor parties.  The concept for the photographs was an editorial spread about the different types of bachelor parties men can plan, from your typical strip club, to  a more subdued poker night to an overnight camping trip in the woods.   Instead of using men to portray the scenes of the story, we used Chimps.  Actually just two chimps.  Suzy, a 3 year old girl, and Jake, a 6 year old male.  The retoucher then duplicated the chimps in different positions as needed.  We shot in an existing strip club with little suzy.  She had the greatest facial expressions.  We hung a backdrop and built a realistic looking campsite in the parking lot of said strip club.  And then we copied the "dogs playing poker" scenario and had Jake holding cards and smoking cigars (as soon as we handed him a cigarette or cigar he knew what to do with it)  The final result were some of the most hysterical pictures I have worked. on.

The second shoot, also for GQ was of A.P.  We shot her at the Chateau Marmont.  It was a pretty easy shoot.  She came up with the concepts herself -- Having just had a baby she liked the idea of her being a homemaker with not much experience so we photographed her making grilled cheese sandwiches with a home iron.  Cute.  She was super adorable and really nice.  She went out of her way to meet and thank the whole crew, always a sign of a real professional who appreciates that the world does not revolve around them.  


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