October 11, 2010

Turn a song into Skårt

I was recently commissioned to create a custom designed gift for an expectant mother.  

The idea behind the design was to take the song "Real Love" (written by John Lennon), which had special meaning to the mother, and create a gender neutral work of art for the nursery.  

I decided to create a cute marsh themed pattern which could work for a boy or a girl, inspired by the look of henna tattoo designs. The result is a simple and sweet pattern that frames and highlights the lyrics of the song.  

I love creating personal works of art.  Whether its a song or a design or maybe even a sketch that you have done and would like to see printed.  If you have an idea for your nursery and are not quite sure how to make it into art email me at: custom@skartshop.com 

1 comment:

  1. Great job! The font works really well with the composition. It's sweet, yet might be something a child could have in his/her room for many years.