October 21, 2010

warning: if you are a vegetarian do not read this blog post!

Old MacDonald had an organic, sustainable, local, free-range farm.  ee i ee i o 
-- sing it with me -- 
And on his farm he had a grass fed, hormone free cow.  ee i ee i o.

I proudly introduce my newest series called: Old MacDonald's cuts of meat.

This series features three prints of delicious animals with their tastiest cuts of meat clearly labelled.  Never too young to start training in the artistry of cooking, especially with the big bucks those celebrity chefs are making these days!  The song Old MacDonald is printed behind the pearlescent silhouettes of the animals.  I wanted to print these animals with the song to add a bit of humor but also because the whole local farming movement is gaining such momentum, it seemed appropriate. 

Of course, if you are not so sure about meat in the Nursery they also look great in the kitchen! 

The cuts of meat series is currently available only at my Etsy shop.  However,  if you like your animals on the farm and not on the plate,  you can find the "Vegan" version of the series on my website.  As always you can choose your colors to match your decor.


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