December 02, 2010

The show was a success!

The One of a Kind Show is still going on in Toronto. I had only signed up to do the first half. A part of me regrets not doing the full show, but at the time I signed up, 11 days seemed like an eternity and I just didn't know how it would go. However, I am happy to announce that my 5 days at the show were a huge success. I perhaps didn't sell as much as I would have liked. But it is the experience I gained that is priceless. It's an amazing process to have your art and livelihood judged by strangers. Lucky for me it was accepted and praised by nearly everyone who stopped into my booth.

Although I won't be buying a new computer this year, or updating my online shop (two of my goals if I had made any money at the show) Below is a list of things I did gain from exhibiting at the show.

1.Feedback -- getting instant acknowledgment for my work. Friends tell me my stuff is "nice" or "cute" but they HAVE to say that. Strangers don't have to. So when they tell you the same thing is validates everything just a little bit more.
2.Ideas --- people asked if I have any of this design or that design. Keyboard and bass to go with the guitars. Frogs, monkeys, all sorts of new Skårt for me to think about designing.
3.Custom Orders -- I offered free shipping on anything ordered at the show. A number of people took advantage of the offer to request pieces in their own color scheme or pieces of things I had sold out of, like the owls. I love custom orders because I get a chance to experiment with colors I might not normally use.
4.Contacts -- I raffled off a single dandelion print. I had everyone interested in winning the piece write their name and email on a paper. Now I have a list of contacts who I know like my work and should I come to the Spring show or have any other news to share I have a full mailing list.
5.Exposure -- I had a few bloggers come by and take photos and someone spotted my booth on Breakfast Television . So far I've come across two blogs that I have gotten top billing on (click on the pics below to read how cool I am!)

6.Wholesale -- I am currently selling in one store in Los Angeles, I would like to sell in more stores both in Canada and the US. I had a few people approach me with interest. Hopefully we can make that happen soon.
7.Unexpected Opportunities -- you never know who is browsing at the show, I had interest from someone regarding licensing my work and lots of interior designers who are always looking for new and unique pieces for their clients.
8.Camaraderie -- All the other artisans were so supportive and helpful with advice and knowledge. Even though we were all selling, there was not an ounce of competition.
Check out a few of some of the other amazing screen printers who were showcasing their wares.

9.Friendships --- Packing up and leaving felt like the end of camp. I made some new friends. (who I will be visiting in Nova Scotia btw -- ; )
*click on the images below to see more of their amazing work

10.Sharing -- One of the best things about doing the show in Toronto was getting to share the experience with my friends and my family. My mom was there from morning to night helping me load in and load out. My sister Leah helped me organize my inventory and manned the booth, taking care of the money (not my strongest suit) even my other sister came in from Ottawa for a day check out the show. Special shout outs also have to go to my friends Courtney and Rachel who helped out in the morning and evening shifts keeping me company and keeping me sane, as well as Samantha my publicist popping in to help out and tell people how great my art is. And of course Cara and my husband who couldn't make it to the show but were indispensable in helping me for the last 6 months to prepare and create. As well as to Angela for lending me the place to make my magic.  Pictures of the process can be seen in skårt shop's face book album: One of a Kind Show 2010


  1. Yay you! Fantastic job.
    And MONKEYS! Totally (why didn't we think of that?!)

  2. oh i've been thinking about monkeys for a while now, but how to do them justice. I do love monkeys!

  3. Anonymous12:33

    Aiden needs Baboons, he likes saying Baboon. Maybe a series of primates?

  4. Anonymous21:26

    Parker can't believe he missed this blog, but better late than never. You did a super job at that show - lots of talent to showcase!!