May 19, 2011

Copy or Coincidence?

I was in a shopping plaza the other day when this adorable little boy ran past me in an adorable little shirt.  I noticed the shirt because it had the cutest little robots all over it.  And as I got closer I realized that  they looked an awful lot like MY robots printed all over his shirt.  Could it be? Did someone at Sears see my robots and make their own version? Or is this just what robots look like, and a total coincidence that it looks like one of mine?   What do you think?  Copy or Coincidence?

Sorry for the blurriness.  I only had my phone with me,  I asked the mom permission if I could take a picture.   I was so flustered, freaked and a little bit flattered (after call copying is the sincerest form...)  that I was probably shaking when I took the photo. As I look now at the picture and my robot, I realize that there are enough differences and that it is just a coincidence that the robot resembles mine in colors and in shape.  Although, I still like to think that I inspired someone, somewhere.

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  1. Anonymous13:06

    I think the gears in the chest are a little too exact to be just coincidence. I think they were... well, let's just say "inspired" by your robot!