May 23, 2011

How to Shamelessly Promote Yourself

I have a great product at a reasonable price point.  I work hard, and I put a lot of love into what I do.

Great!  Now what? How do I let you (well not YOU, because YOU are reading this blog, so YOU may already know) But how do I let THE WORLD know about ME?

I run my business on a minimal (aka non-existent) marketing budget, I've been thinking a lot lately on what is the best way to get the word out about my work both as an artist and as a set designer? It's hard to sell yourself.  Nobody likes a showoff or a bragger, so how do you promote your art, business or career without feeling silly or annoying?

Below are a few of the marketing tools I'm am exploring:  

Blogging - I hope by writing this blog I carve out a little bit of a web presence.  If someone is searching for "Preppy Nursery" there is a chance it will link back to a post like this.  It is a great forum for me to talk about my work in general but not have to address anyone in particular.   I would also love to explore the idea of guest posting.  I think with my background in production design and knowledge of art I would have a lot to offer as a guest blogger.  Unfortunately, I  got consistent C's in English Writing class.  I am not a very good writer.  I have been told that commenting on other blogs is a good way to promote yourself but you should have something interesting to say, and NOT shamelessly just write comments for the sake of commenting.  However because of the title of this post, feel free to post any comment today!

Social Media - I have a Facebook page.  I update it, and it is steadily, but SLOWLY growing in fans. If you are not already a fan click here, and "Like Me"(was that a little shameless?)  Next step Twitter --- People tell me I need to tweet, but I still don't understand it.  Do you tweet? Can you explain it to me?  

Friends and Acquaintances - here is where you need to be a little bit shameless.  I was told at dinner the other night that people generally like to help.  It makes them feel good, so you should always ask.  I am around celebrity stylists all the time.  This weekend was the first time I worked up the courage to ask one if they knew any celebrities who have babies or are decorating children's rooms.  He was so excited to take my cards and (hopefully) pass them on to a few clients I wondered why I hadn't done this before? A celebrity endorsement would be a great marketing opportunity.   I need to start telling more people what I do.  They may not be interested in my work, but they may know someone who is.

Giveaways - I see this done on other blogs.  I'm not really sure the logistics of it.  Does it work? Everyone likes free stuff but does it really help to give things away? It is not a huge monetary commitment, so I may just have to test it out one of these days.   Is it better to do the giveaway on your own blog or find a bigger blog out there with a bigger audience?

How do you promote yourself? Leave me a comment and let me know some ways you have thought of marketing yourself without spending a lot of money. 


  1. Debbie B.23:03

    Facebook, twitter, all that are great. But really, nothing beats face to face networking. Get out there talk to anyone you can like your WISE (and pretty) friend said, you should always ask because people love to help.

  2. Anonymous10:27

    yes yes yes. Do a giveaway!!! ; )