June 06, 2011

Look at the Canadian TV show ...and smile!

See,  I knew the new blog title would translate itself well.

We "cut the cord" and got rid of our cable last week and now I'm hooked on internet TV. This weekend was spent watching episode after episode  of a great show made in Canada (no, there is no Degrassi in the title!)  I just ♥ this show.  Maybe its the fact that it takes place in Toronto, the city I grew up in.  Or maybe it's because the lead character is my age and I can relate to so many of her experiences.  Of course there is the time travel element. I never could resist a good parallel dimension story.(Think Quantum Leap meets Touched by an Angel)   It's a happy, feel good, moralistic, lesson learning, drama of a show that just makes me smile episode after episode.   Of course the roster of uber hot leading men doesn't hurt the enjoyment factor either!

If you haven't heard about it you can check it out in the US at Hulu.com/being-erica and in Canada at cbc.ca/beingerica 

I only have two episodes left -- Any suggestions of shows to watch next?

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  1. Anonymous07:59

    It's hard to follow Being Erica - whenever you find that next series, keep me posted too! Ruth