June 02, 2011

The new studio space

First a new blog name.  Next, new blog contributors.  What more can I have up my sleeve?

Well... drum roll please....

Today I got the keys to my the studio space.  Woohooo.

It needs a bit of work (shelving, furniture etc)  and I still have to move the rest of my stuff in.   But the space is great, the light is nice and the location is fantastic. Not much to look at yet, but I snapped a few pics so you could see. 
white walls = blank canvas of creativity

Lots of natural light, a bit o fluorescent and some A.C for those hot summer days


  1. Congrats on the new digs!!

  2. Anonymous21:15

    Parker gives it the thumbs up. Good luck with your new studio and all the creative power that will flow through that space - lots and lots of orders! Way to go Sara - it's the big times now!