August 31, 2011

Battening Down the Hatches

Due to an impending tropical weather system (the so-called Hurricane Irene), it has been necessary to forego this week’s Note as the Recent Paterfamilias has found himself far too preoccupied with news coverage, meteorological updates, and personal preparations to donate even the scantest amount of time toward any and all literary pursuits, which thusly would prohibit his making any and all musings or observations on the current state of art, design, or fatherhood, as he, the Recent Paterfamilias, as might be expected, is engrossed with televised weather coverage, forecasts, predictions, et cetera, so there is little of amusement for him to write on for this week’s column, no pithy, yet inspired, comments, no farcical anecdotes, although the Recent Paterfamilias is proud to report that he procured a case of liter water bottles at his local pharmacy, at the self-checkout counter (which is important), for $2.38 (as the bar code on the side of the case was programmed for the individual bottles contained within and not for the case itself), and the R.P. must say, he is proud of his pilfering, his minor act of civil disobedience, he took advantage and he is unapologetic, he has beaten The Man once again, the Corporate Overlords be damned, but on a separate subject, he unfortunately must announce that the Coleman lantern which his wife, the New Matriarch, quietly absconded away with from the film set on which she has been working in recent weeks requires D-cell batteries in order to operate properly, a power source of which the R.P. needs four (he currently has one), so should his loyal reader, his concerned public audience, his adoring fans, be in the possession of three (3) D-cell batteries, please, and in post-haste, send said batteries via airmail to:

The Recent Paterfamilias

Upper West Side

New York, New York 10023

(Please send only the requested batteries. All fan mail and memorabilia/autograph requests will be disposed of accordingly.)


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