August 23, 2011

Finding a Chair for the Nursery - Part 2: Choices

Let me start by giving you a bit of background so you know what we are looking for.  The room is painted a shade of white.  The furniture has a decidedly Mid Century Modern flare (see Young American Mix collection).  The rest of the house has a modern, sophisticated and stylish decor.  After a day of searching and testing (see part 1) Sunshine was able to narrow down what she wanted:
Price: Under $800 including Ottoman (budget was originally under $500 but she soon realized she had to change that)
Style: Fully Upholstered. No bare rockers, Eames Rocker or wood gliders need apply
Features: Glide = Yes.  Swivel = Ideally.  Recline = Not necessary
Color: Neutral - a soft brown, grey or maybe Ivory*
* All advice received stated that the chair will get dirty and Ivory  may not be the best choice, but we figured we could get a cute throw blanket to put over the back to help protect it.
Look: Modern - we saw a few great chairs that were very comfortable but they didn't really have the right "look". Sunshine wanted something with a sleek look, clean lines that would fit with the room's aesthetic.

After days of going to every store in LA and checking out every internet site this was the dream chair:
Jennifer Delonge Daddy Glider
However, it was not the dream price. $1000 for the chair plus an additional $450 for the Ottoman.  It has been weeks of back and forth on whether it is worth spending the money.

In the meantime.  We checked out the Gus Sparrow Glider.  $799 (on sale) + Ottoman - found it not so comfortable and a lot narrower in the seat than expected.

So that leaves the current front runner as the Luxe Glider in coffee which is  available at Costco.  At $799 INCLUDING ottoman it seems like a good deal.  The shape is right, the color is great and the price is spot on.  They sent out fabric samples super fast, and if for some reason we order it and hate it, it is 100% returnable to any store.

As of last week, it seemed like a done deal.  And then in my thrift store travels I found this monstrosity:

I don't know what made me sit in it, but once I did, I was sold.  $20 for the most comfortable chair we (sunshine concurred) had tested to date.  Only problem is that it needs a little face lift, and a lot of wd-40 (it's got quite the squeak).  We are going to take it in to an upholsterer this week to get it checked out and see if she it's worth fixing up.  If it is ... well fabric hunting we shall go and I guess now there will have to be a part 3 to the chair saga story!


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