November 17, 2011

Another Attempt at Love

Last february I posted a DIY on making sequin art.  I got a lot of great response from this post.  I also got a lot of questions on how to make it.

Then just a month ago I saw a Facebook post of one brave soul who actually took the DIY challenge.   She sent me some pictures of the process to share here, and maybe inspire more budding artists (would make a great holiday gift!)   I am beyond impressed at how her's turned out (I think it might look better than mine!)

Pretty amazing!

I also asked if she had any tips and this was her response:
Couple of tips: I ended up using 20 x 30" foam board and had to put 3 of them together to make it deep enough to take the #17 straight pin and having 1/2" left sticking out. The foam board is only 1/4" thick each so that is why I needed 3 boards. I took the pattern to Kinko's to have them blow it up to size for me and they actually transferred the pattern right on the foam board. I ended up using #6 flat sequin.I'm actually hoping for a finished framed picture of 18 x 28.

There is still time to make your own Love for the Holidays - click here to download the grid for this pattern


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