November 15, 2011

Did you Miss Me?

I was gone a little more than 24 hours.  In fact, I was gone a full week, but still... Did you even notice I was gone? 

Maybe if you went to my Etsy page you would have noticed it was on vacation.  Or maybe if you sent me a text you might have wondered why I didn't respond.  But other than that it's probably a surprise to most reading this blog that I was on the other side of the world.   Amazing these days how even going to China you can still stay completely connected with the world.  

Pictures from my trip to come, but in the meanwhile this gives me the perfect opportunity to share an illustrator who I am completely obsessed with: Fernando Voken Togni.  He did a series of "24 Hour Cities" for Qatar Airways Magazine and I want to frame and hang them ALL on my wall. Unfortunately they are not for sale but you can view these and more at his website


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