February 07, 2012

Baby and Puppy Posting

It happened, I knew it would happen, I could have told you it would have happened at some point, but my dear daddy, the so-called Recent Paterfamilias, did not have anything to write about this week, or maybe if he did have something to write about, he did not write it down, which only leaves poor little baby me

--And me!

Yes, and Tedward, Tedward the intolerant Welsh Terrier, to fill up this column, and I must tell you that you cannot trust intolerant Terrier dogs

--Yes you can!

No you cannot

--Yes you can, you little human beast!  Spending your days chasing me around the apartment!  How dare you!

Do not listen to him

--Yes!  Yes!  Listen to me!

He is very loud, this little dog

--I’m not that little!

Please just ignore him, but, if I may get back to the topic at hand, I have faith in my dear father, the so-called Recent Paterfamilias, to formulate some manner of infinite wisdom to impart in next week’s column, which would be a nice break for this baby

--And me!

Yes, and you, now please be quiet, Tedward


Because it is overwhelming for a baby to write an entire blog column when she, the baby, cannot even speak in complete sentences outside of bababababababababa, which, I must say, should be considered rather advanced for someone who is not yet even quite nine months old

--I’m almost three years old!

Please be quiet, Tedward


Thank you

See you next week
The End.


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