September 19, 2012

Size Matters!

More and more these days I get asked: 
"I love your ________ print, but can I get it in a different size?" 

At first I wasn't sure how to answer this question.  

I realize most people do not really understand the process of screen printing.  I would say the majority of prints sold on places like ETSY are computer generated prints.  They are usually high res scans of an original illustration that are saved in a computer and when someone makes an order they can be resized at a push of a button and the computer will spit it out on on high quality archival paper.  

Well, screen printing doesn't work like that.  For me to create an printed image I need to take a piece of silk that is stretched over a frame and expose a negative image of what I want to print.  This process in itself is an art form - I wrote a blog about it a few years ago if you want to see some visuals you can click HERE

Once I have a screen made, the size of the image is pretty much set.  The final printed image is created by me hand pulling the paint through the screen.  This process makes each print unique.  My favorite part of the silk screen process is lifting up the screen and seeing the printed image left on the wood or paper.  It's like magic every time! 
If you would like a bigger size print - changing the image size is a bit of a  process, however changing the size of the background is easy.  This gives the illusion of a bigger piece of artwork even though the actual image stays the same.  For example, below is a picture of Lock-bot the dancing robot.  He is the same size on both prints but the panel on the right is 9"x12"  while the panel on the right is 8"x10".

Sometimes a background illusion isn't enough and someone wants a significant size change.  For this I finally have an answer.  

The answer is YES! I can make custom sizes, for an additional fee.


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