January 21, 2013

Back on Track: Goals for 2013

I always start the New Year with a list of goals -- I don't call them resolutions, because everyone knows, no one keeps a "resolution".  A goal seems less daunting of a commitment.  It's something you can work on or work towards.  And of course if you write them down someone where, like lets say in a public forum like a blog, well then you are even more accountable to keeping them.  (If you are waiting for my salad-a-day goal recap from 2012, don't worry it's coming!)

So without further ado -- Here are my goals for 2013

1. Figure out a plan for Skårt - more wholesale? more marketing? more shows? I need a PLAN and maybe a Sales Rep?!!
2. Keep on Bloggin' -- Maybe not every week, maybe not even every month.  When the mood strikes a post will appear.  No rules, no constraints I will just keep on Bloggin'
3. Work on a film (maybe one that doesn't involve Zombies OR Strippers!)
4. Book more commercials - They are fun, they pay well and I need to work - so why not work on some more commercials.  And I would like at least one of them to be in a new and exotic local --- ooh, like lets say Brazil or some other country in South America. 
5. Stay on top of my bookkeeping - every year I aim to do this, but I've never written it down as an official goal before.  This year it's going to be a priority!

1. Learn how to give -- I'm a horrible gift giver.  Probably because I hate giving gifts just to gift, I would rather give the perfect gift or no gift at all.  The problem with that is that I still haven't given my best friend (who got married 2 years ago) a wedding gift.  My sister's wedding was three months ago -- I think I have a year's deadline for that?  If I start thinking about it now, maybe I will send out Holiday Cards this year and maybe the card will include a special gift for everyone.
2. Hire a cleaning person - It's a luxury.  And this is the year I want to invest in that luxury.  And if I succeed with goal #4 (see above) then hopefully I will be able to afford such an indulgence.
3. Improve my endurance - I'm not sure what this entails - Running further? Running Faster? Making it through an aerial acrobatics routine without falling.  I'm leaving it intentionally vague so I can figure it out.
4. Participate in a doubles Volleyball Tournament - Playing for fun is one thing - Playing for prizes is a goal of mine this year.
5. NO YOGA - I know this seems comical, but I'm serious - people seem to talk me into trying Yoga classes all the time and each time I hate it a little bit more.  The next time someone tries to convince me the merits of the next great Yoga movement I will stay strong and say "NO!"

1 comment:

  1. Love the trains :) I admire them every morning in my sons room.

    Love the idea of the housekeeper…!!

    Yoga. So unsold on this. Took my first class. Didn't love it. Now my calf hurts and that is no bueno for running!! ugh. I will give it a few classes before I officially say "no yoga" but I have a feeling I might be with you on this one.