August 05, 2009

Lavender & Bees

My latest print is done and I love the way it turned out.  

It was inspired by a giant lavender bush I pass on my walk from my home to my friend's garage print studio.  It overflows onto the sidewalk and as I pass it 10 times a day it I breath in the beautiful aroma and watch the bees buzzing in and around the flowers. 

It's dark purple on a gorgeous lavender stained wood.  And of course the lavender is all drawn from hearts.  LOVE! ♥

You check out all the specs here


  1. Too cute! I LOVE the colour and the hearts!

  2. I love this piece - I kept looking, wondering what was different - of course, the hearts!

  3. Beautiful designs! Great work. Wish I was so creative!!!

    Keep it up - I'll keep visiting! Glad to have found your adorable site.

    Holli in Ghana