July 31, 2009

Ups and Downs

When starting this new business, I didn't really realize the extent of what I was doing.  A hard day yesterday made me want to quit it all, but today made up for all that! 

First off, the screens all worked and I'm ready to print the new designs woohoo.  But that's not the only reason why I'm so cheery. 

I'm off the wall excited because when I logged into my Etsy account, it showed hundreds of people had viewed my page.  And I had gotten 20 more hearts! Nothing boosts an artists' ego like getting hearts.  To find out why this happened I did a little research on Craftopolis.com -- a little Etsy link site that lets you see if you are in any current treasuries.   Low and behold, I was in not one but TWO treasuries.  

What is a treasury? Those unfamiliar with Etsy may be asking.  
A Treasury is a member curated collection of Etsy items  featured on Etsy's Treasury page. These treasuries are featured on Etsy for a limited amount of time, usually no more than two days.  Most Treasuries have themes, such as color, price or function and feature twelve different items.  Etsy users visit Treasury pages to browse curated items, and see what new things people have found to share.  It's not easy to create a Treasury page.  They only allow a limited amount of lists at once.  When one expired it opens a space for another one.  However, it seems you have to be very lucky to time it right. Everyonce in a while the Etsy Gods (aka -- those people who run the Etsy website) will pick a notable treasury to feature on their front log in page.  This is the first page that anyone sees when they log into Etsy.  And guess where my little dandelion print made it?!! Yup, that's right.  TO THE FRONT PAGE OF ETSY.  That's why hundreds of people all of a sudden noticed me.  

The treasuries are fleeting only lasting a couple of days, but I took a few snapshots to preserve my moment in the sun.  See if you can spot my humble little prints in these beautiful collections.

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  1. Yay you! I'm so happy to see that everything is taking off.
    No pun intended.