October 06, 2010

A color chart

As I mentioned in a previous post, choosing colors has become one of the biggest challenges when I print.  Trying to figure out which colors will match all decor is near impossible.  That is why I offer custom color combinations for most of my designs.  This allows you to take a design you like and choose the colors that will match your room.  I have created colors to match  fabric samples and pantone swatches for people who are super particular (keep in mind they are matched by eye and not computer so the colors are close but not exact).  There are millions of shades of color.  To streamline the process of choosing colors I've created a Skårt color chart.  I have taken the standard colors that I use most often (with extensive research using the PBkids paint chart and Crayola crayon naming system) and created a chart of named colors for customers to refer to and choose from.  I'm sure it will change and grow as styles change.  For now here is version 1.0 --  Let me know if there is a shade missing that you would like to see.


  1. I think TEAL is my fave. I'll take one of every Skart in teal, please!

  2. I can see the dilemma - they are all so pretty :)

  3. thanks. but I still feel like I could use some more shades of pink and red? Teal is my favorite too!