November 01, 2010

Everyday is Halloween!

I loved Halloween.  LOVED = past tense.  
I always had a costume.  It would always be an original costume, never the same thing twice.  If I didn't have a place to go to in my costume, I would throw my own party --  Hallowig 2001 is still talked about today.  If friends weren't into it I would provide clothes for them and  make them join my group theme -- Cannibal girl scouts, solid gold dancers, it was the best Holiday! 

This year, not so much.  Someone suggested I was getting old, "It's a kid's holiday", they explained.  Granted I have a lot to think about with the show getting closer and lots of work to be done, but surely that shouldn't stop me from putting it all aside for one night of fun and dress-up?!  

Then I had an epiphany: Everyday is Halloween to me!  -- okay, well not EVERY day, but I've dressed up so many times this year in outfits and costumes that I figured, why do it on a night where you are "supposed" to.  That's like going to a bar on St. Patrick's day or buying overpriced roses on Valentines.  

Over the last few months I have gathered and sewn group costumes for volleyball tournaments, and running races, I made a huge box of robot props for a friends engagement party (more to be said on that in a future post).  And, of course I got my Canadian gear on for Olympic hockey.  Not to mention also getting to "doll up" for two weddings and a Bar-Mitzvah.  

So for the first time EVER I did not put on a halloween costume, instead we turned off all the lights and watched AMC's premier of The Walking Dead on cable.  

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