February 24, 2011

The Cake Pop Disaster or W N D I Y*

I was in Urban outfitters the other day and happened upon this adorable book:
I don't really know why, but I thought to myself "oooh those would be fun to make".   Who wouldn't love a tasty cakey treat on a stick?  I envisioned myself as the hit of every party.  Move over Martha, Sara K. is in town! Of course keep in mind that me and the kitchen are NOT the best of friends.  Instead of buying said book at Urban Outfitters I  took the next logical step by going home and researching "How to Make Cake Pops" videos on You tube.  If professional bakers can do it, errrr, so can I?   This was my favorite video, by Cakebot Simple, Easy to follow, (and groovy music). 

So where did I go wrong? Lets see, maybe it started with not buying the proper tools and ingredients.  I went to a cooking store instead of a baking supply shop.  They sold me molding chocolate instead of melting/candy chocolate.  They were out of lolipop sticks, I thought I would improvise and use a bunch of chopsticks we had lying around.  Um, yah, you can laugh but it made perfect sense at the time.  Not that I got to the point of using sticks.  It was about the time when I mixed the cake and frosting together with my electric mixer (a process that looked relatively easy on the How To Video) that I decided to call this project a WNDIY*.  

Martha, you can keep your title for now.  It looks like I will be bringing a bottle of wine to the next party I'm invited to.  Now excuse me while I go clean chocolate cake and frosting off my ceiling!!!
*When Not to Do It Yourself


  1. HAHAHA! I think I just peed in my pants. Good luck with today's trial, but I have a feeling that you should stick with screen printing in order to express yourself artistically!

  2. ugh. went to a real baking supply store today to buy some candy coating chocolate or whatever the heck it's called. The store was closed. Perhaps this project was not meant to be.