February 17, 2011

Procrastinating Actually Gets Stuff Done

This week has been all about procrastinating, and who knew that procrastination could be a valid method of getting something done.

For example.  Right now I'm procrastinating from cleaning my office.  I was cleaning my office because I was procrastinating from doing my bookkeeping.  I was doing my bookkeeping to procrastinate from cleaning out the fridge (that's a scary task),  I started cleaning out the fridge to procrastinate from folding laundry.   I was doing laundry to procrastinate from going to the post office,  I was going to go the post office instead of going grocery shopping.  Oh, I should really clean out the fridge before I go grocery shopping.

I'll be right back....

I cleaned out the fridge to procrastinate from writing this blog post.

Oops, one sec....

Sorry, couldn't think of any more procrastination points so I decided to fold laundry and then vacuum the floor.  I know, I know,  should just finish this blog post already.  But, maybe a little data entry of my expenses wouldn't hurt, I can come back to this post tomorrow ...

Bookkeeping done, but now what can I do instead of finishing this post? Maybe if my office were cleaner, my head will be cleaner.  I'll finish this later.

Decided to go to the post office before cleaning but now I'm hungry, so I'll clean in a minute, better go get groceries first.

Okay. back.

Lets recap:  While procrastinating from writing this post I managed to: Clean the house (not my office), empty fridge, go grocery shopping, drop of package at the post office, balance my books, catch up on a some tv shows, run a few miles, clean the lint and cat hair from under my keyboard,  and accomplish a slew of other random tasks that weren't even on my list.

Okay, so my office isn't clean but this Blog post is DONE!!!

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  1. Tisha06:33

    I'm procrastinating by reading your blog. lol