February 14, 2011

Love takes Patience

As proven by this art piece made entirely out of matchsticks by artist Pei-San Ng.
It's Valentines Day.  What are you doing to celebrate? Do you exchange cards? Go out to dinner? Get flowers?

The Husband and I are not  into calendars or Hallmark telling us when and how to show our love so we started an ironic tradition a few years back.  For Valentines day we give each other the gift of "space".  A day where you can go off an do whatever you want to do (within the limits of the law).   Last year The Husband went camping and I went out to dinner with the girls.  This year I think he is going to take a beer brewing class and I will take a dance class.  

For Valentines day we will be appreciating ourselves so that  for the other days of the year we can love and appreciate each other.  
Small print by Wild8flower on Etsy 

Do you have any quirky traditions? How will you be celebrating Cupid's Holiday this year? 


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