May 29, 2012

Orla Kiely Bedding Decisions

It's here.  It's finally here.  Orla Kiely for Bed Bath and Beyond.  So  now what?

The plan is to get a new bed.  And once we get a new bed -- upgrading to a larger size -- we will need all new bedding.  But how do I decide?  
I love the Orla Kiely stem pattern at Bed Bath and Beyond (the one on the left) but hate the fact that it's an all in one poly cotton comforter.  I like my down duvets in the winter.

So maybe I just go for the simple and subtle coverlet for the summer months.  But can I do all white?  I love the idea of it, but how long does white stay white? Then maybe I would do an accent "Breakfast Pillow" -- Whatever that is?  because with an all white bed set there will most certainly be no breakfast in bed allowed.  

In the meantime, while I'm deciding I might just order these books for inspiration:

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  1. Cara11:48

    Seriously? OMGGGGGGGGGGGG.
    We are talking about a new bed too. This will expedite the decision.