May 15, 2012

Unique LA Art Show

I went to the Unique LA Show this past weekend and got completely inspired! Not just by the great artists exhibiting, but, by the whole idea of doing another show.   I came home, harnessed that feeling and this morning I sent in my application for Unique SF happening at the end of June.  GULP!

Now we wait until May 23rd to see if I get accepted to be an exhibitor.  In the meanwhile I can share with you a few of my favorites from the LA show.  (for some reason I was so enamored by the goods I forgot to take any pics at the show -- so you just get images I've pulled from their respective sites)

1. The Birds and The Beasts had these really fun posters (and LOVE how they have styled them online).  They handed out cards with a 10% off coupon code which I will share with you, because at $15.00 for a poster  less 10% by using the code AWWYEAH you should just really go to their online shop now and buy one!

2. Gregg Visintainer Pen and Ink Art had these beautiful prints on paper and on canvas of intricate pen drawings.  The longer you look at them the more you see in them. I don't think online photos will do them justice.  I kind of wanted to buy one but couldn't decide which to choose from.  Maybe I'll see him in SF?

3. Upper Metal Class - The one thing I did buy (other than food items!) was a pair of earrings for myself. 
It was one of the first booths I saw and the earrings just kind of called out to me.  I walked around to all the other booths and in the end I somehow found my way back to actually make a purchase.  

A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon - a really great show, that I can hopefully be a part of in the future!   


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