June 13, 2012

Is the "Recent Paterfamilias" still Relevant?

            It has recently been pointed out to this Recent Paterfamilias, what with his daughter’s first birthday taking place several weeks ago, that his status as Recent Paterfamilias is no longer all that, well, recent

            This tidy little reality has caused the Recent Paterfamilias no little amount of dismay and self-inquiry as of late. 

            So, apparently, in addition to the inherent disquiet caused by his baby getting older and growing up, the Recent Paterfamilias has also now been saddled with conjuring up a brand new moniker. 

            So, what has the Recent Paterfamilias come up with? 

            The Not-So-Recent Paterfamilias.  The Just Regular Paterfamilias.  The Child-Loving Urban Gentleman (a definite loser).  The Modern American Homo Erectus (catch phrase: “Me Man.  Me make baby.”).  The Recently Renamed Paterfamilias.  Simply, The Father (clean, simple, masculine, intuitively obvious, and easily confused with 100s of millions of other paterfamiliases).  The Bloggist.  The Master of Opinion.  The Opinion Man.  The Opinionist.  The Father of All Modern Opinion.  The Stay-At-Home Dad (also, easily confused with 10s of millions of other paterfamiliases).  The Recently Recent Paterfamilias (possibly somewhat repetitive).  The Writing Father of One.  The Writing Father.  Simply, The Writer.  The Writist.  The Not-So-Recent-But-Still-Somewhat-Or-At-Least-Marginally-Recent-Stay-At-Home-Father-(in Latin: “Paterfamilias”)-Writer-And-Master-Of-Opinion-And-Overall-Nice—

            You know what?  That’s enough. 

            This Recent Paterfamilias may not be all that recent any longer, but he’s going to stick with that title.  It’s poetic.  It’s got a nice ring to it.  And it suits him.  Taking it away and replacing it with another could be almost as jarring to his sense of paternity and bloggery and, well, humanity as if he’d never changed a dirty diaper. 

            But perhaps, just perhaps, this R.P. is placing a bit too much importance upon his self-appointed nom de plume

Perhaps, but probably not. 


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