June 15, 2012

Behind the Sets: Cars Land Power Wheels Video

A fun little video we shot over three days at DISNEYLAND, released just in time for the Grand opening of Cars Land, the newest Disney Park.  Not only did I have a blast shooting the film and wrangling (50) miniature Lightning McQueen Power Wheels, but I also got a sneak peek into the new attraction and I can tell you that it looks AWESOME!  It's like you just stepped into the animated film.  Unfortunately I have no pictures to share of Cars Land behind the sets, they were pretty strict on regulating any photos getting out.  But I do have a few other behind the scenes photos from just shooting around the parks with all the cars.

Here are half of the Cars lined up ready to race down Main Street at 6am.  I can't tell you how hard it was to try to keep 6 year old driver in a formation.  Let's just say my shins received quite a few bruises from "accidental" accelerations while we were trying to reset each car

A fun little note: Because we shot so early each morning, the skies were mostly grey.  In some shots the sun wasn't up yet, and in others the clouds just hadn't burned off. So for the final film, they went in a replaced the sky with a more "Disnified" version.

And in case you were wondering .... OH YES, I did try 'em out!!! 

As did John Lasseter, who was the featured cameo at the end of the film.


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