June 12, 2012

Pocket Pies! My New Party Favorite.

Everyone I know decided to have a party this past Saturday night.  I felt super popular trying to navigate to three parties over the course of one evening.  Of course that just counterbalances every other Saturday night where I'm home on the couch watching a movie.

Saturday afternoon I got inspired to make something to bring to the parties.  I love bite size party food, or as I like to call it: Pocket Food.  Pocket foods are bite sized morsels that you can pick up easily sans mess with just the right amount of tasty filling treats on the inside (i.e: the pocket is the outside wrapping not as in, food you can easily fit into your pocket, although I suppose that would work too!)

I decided on Pocket Pies - which started out as Pie Pops.  Pies on a stick are perhaps not the greatest idea (for reasons that became obvious only after a bit of experimentation) and after my Cake Pop venture I didn't want to take any chances.  So I quickly abandoned the sticks and just made Mini pies.

Super easy and a huge hit.  I cheated a bit and bought the Pillsbury roll out Pie Crust.  But if you were ambitious and/or had a food processor I'm sure a crust from scratch would be even better.  I floured my working surface, rolled out the dough and used a rolling pin to roll it out even thinner.  I then used a 3" round jar top to cut out circles.  I was able to get a dozen circles out of each crust = 24 from one package to use as top and bottom.  I used a peach pie filling recipe I found on the internet and filled each circle with a spoonful of filling. Then put another dough circle on top and cinched them closed with a fork around the edges.  A dusting of egg whites on the top to make them brown and yummy looking.  Then bake on a cookie sheet for 12 to 15 minutes at 450F.  And voila a super popular party treat.

Only notes is that when bringing them to the party I wish I had made adorable signs like this to stick into a couple, so that people would have known what was they were.  Because sitting on a plate, they could be savory or sweet and the signs would have just enhanced their cuteness.


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