July 28, 2009

Something to Celebrate

I had my first Etsy sale.  So exciting.  It was from a complete stranger who liked my work enough to say, "I want one of those".  Quite a boost.   Now the little box in the right corner that has for the past few weeks been a sad "0 sales" has moved to "1 sale".  Woohoo.  

I guess now I have to buy Melrose the cat nip mustache I promised her.  

Of course I'm still a little nervous. I shipped it to the buyer and I think it is due to arrive on Friday, but there is always the chance that it isn't quite what she expected.  Monitors make colors vary greatly.  My fear is that she will email me saying she wants to return it.  Gulp.  That would be sad. So fingers crossed that she gets it and loves it.  Why wouldn't she right?!  

To celebrate I had dinner with a friend, JC, in town from New York.  JC runs a fantastic blog of her own.  It's called 100 layer cake and it's probably one of the most beautiful, well thought out blogs I have come across to date.  It's about all things wedding-y.  

We went to a new restaurant in our neighborhood called, Animal (vegetarians need not apply). JC wanted to meet the owners to discuss including their upcoming wedding on her blog.  I just wanted to eat some animals.  

There are no words to  describe the joy on my face when I scanned the menu and the 17th item read, "Poutine".  Actually it read, "poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar $15" to be exact.   Most expensive plate of poutine I've ever eaten, however, probably also the tastiest.  

The restaurant is what I would call BBQ inspired tapas.  Some very creative dishes.  Who knew pigs ears could taste so good when covered with chili and lime?  And don't get me started on the pork belly sliders.  mmmmmmm.  I won't go down the whole menu, you can check out what's current yourself at Animal's website or what our options were on the menu below. 


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