July 20, 2009

Time for a makeover already?!!!

Things have been going well.  I had my first order for a set of Dandelion prints (granted it came from my mother-in-law) but still... it all counts! I got listed on an Etsy Treasury List.  The treasury list is when a member posts a grouping of a bunch of favorite like items.   My Dandelion #3 in peach was chosen to go in a grouping of fun peach colored items.  And now I have gone and given my website and blog a much deserved makeover (with a little help from my friend over at Pamplemousse Designs.  

When I started with all this, I didn't really put much thought into the overall look of things.
This was my original logo:
I thought it was cute.  It separated the 'sk' from the 'art' which I kind of liked.  But as my friend and design guru CM pointed out, it wasn't very chic.  And if I was selling hip, modern, art my logo should probably reflect that.  Cool parents logging on to a website would respond better to a clean modern logo vs a crafty, cutesy one.  So I developed the new one you now see at the top of my website.  
I think it goes much better with the feel of my art.  The natural, soft colors, the crisp lines, and of course the accent over the 'a', because everyone knows those Scandinavians are make beautifully designed items. lol.  

I put the accent in as a joke.  But I kind of liked it.  It gave the word a new life, and new fun factor.  It's now pronounced Skoart (long o with open mouth) -- I'll wait while you try it....

I also promptly looked up my genealogy.  Not a lot of Scandinavian heritage there, however, it does mention my great, great, great grandfather, Henry Welton, "of swedish stock" HA - so there you go, I'm not a complete fraud.  


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