July 27, 2009

Decorating Ideas - Aviator Themed

If you are going to buy an airplane print from me.  You are going to need a few more airplane accessories to complete your room.  Here are just a few ideas of fun ways to bring the aviator theme into your nursery.

Fold down changing table by Bo Design.  It sort of reminds me of something you would find in an airplane bathroom (like on SAS airways or something!) 

Paper airplane pillow from defraction fiber on Etsy

Assorted pewter airplane and propeller drawer pulls - I think it would be great to collect a bunch of different ones. Maybe even vintage ones from ebay!

Wood toy airplanes - great for play, for display or buy a bunch of different designs and hang them from your ceiling.   These ones are from Mary's Country Craft, she's got a bunch of other great wood planes as well as other toy vehicles.

Aviator teddy bears --- aww how cute -- these ones are courtesy of The Future Flyers Club

Personal letters with airplane background - order them online or if you are feeling crafty, paint your own! 

Deluxe chrome pedal plane by American Retro

Big bed airplane sheets from Pottery Barn kids

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  1. This is great! A really nice way to envision everything together - smart.